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Our thoughts Are With Those Affected by Hurricane Irma

Dear Clients and Friends, In the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, our thoughts are with you for a safe and speedy recovery. We are back in business, fully operational, and here to assist in any way we can. We look forward to connecting with you soon. Our regular blog postings will resume next week at BeLaborThePoint.com and CafeConLabor.com.  … Continue Reading

How Does Time Off Due to a Hurricane Affect Your Employees’ Pay?

It’s throwback Thursday … err Tuesday.  As those of us in Florida prepare for the potential landfall of Hurricane Irma this weekend, please check out my colleague Bob Turk’s interview with the Miami Herald about storm preparations for human resource professionals and my post from hurricane season last year on what happens to employees’ pay … Continue Reading

Sixteen Years After Hurricane Mitch – Extended Work Authorization

Ver la versión en español aquí It is hurricane season in Florida, but I am writing with emergency preparedness advice. I am writing about the lingering effects of Hurricane Mitch, which struck Central America in 1998, killing more than 11,000 people, destroying hundreds of thousands of homes, and causing more than $5 billion in damage. … Continue Reading

Uggh – Humidity, Heat and Hurricanes

It is that time of year again and time for the obligatory “get ready for hurricane season” blog posting. Fortunately, it has been a while since we had to run through the hurricane drill. Let’s hope our string of good fortune continues and there is no need to gas up the generators or empty the shelves … Continue Reading