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A Return To The “Old” EEO-1 Form; EEOC Will Not Collect Pay Data in 2018

Ver la versión en español aquí Employers can breathe a sigh of relief: The EEOC’s initiative to collect summary pay and hours worked data in the new EEO-1 form has ended … for now, at least. Just last year, on September 26, 2016, the EEOC announced that the annual EEO-1 reporting process would change for … Continue Reading

Another Attempt to Pass Private Sector Comp-Time Legislation

Ver la versión en español aquí As the fate of the Department of Labor’s revised overtime regulations remains in limbo as a result of a nationwide injunction (currently on appeal) issued in November 2016, Congress now has chimed-in on wage and hour issues potentially impacting non-exempt employees.  This week, the House of Representatives passed The … Continue Reading

Employers Take a Hit to the Wallet with the Minimum Wage Increase

Florida’s minimum wage has increased to $7.31 per hour.  The direct wage for tipped employees increased to $4.29 per hour.  The six-cent increase is the result of a successful lawsuit brought by a group of Florida workers against the government claiming that it miscalculated the state minimum wage under the state constitution. While 6 cents … Continue Reading