In February 2013, we advised you that the Department of Labor (“DOL”) revised its Family and Medical Leave Act (“FMLA”) poster, also referred to as the “General Notice.”  (Click here for February 2013 post)  At the time, the revised FMLA poster was only available in English.   After months of waiting, the revised FMLA poster is now available in Spanish.   (Click here for the Spanish poster)  The Spanish FMLA poster must be used in workplaces that have a significant number of Spanish-speaking employees who are not literate in English.

As a reminder, employers should post the FMLA poster in the workplace so it is visible to employees and applicants.  If the employer has an on-line application site, the FMLA poster must be posted on the site so it is visible to applicants. The poster also should be included in an employee handbook, either as standalone document or as an attachment to the employer’s FMLA policy.