We understand that our clients are in an extremely competitive business market and that employers (large and small in both the public and private sectors) need timely, practical business-oriented advice on labor and employment issues. We also understand that “human resources” are not a commodity, but real people with real workplace problems that are often difficult for our clients to address alone. We believe that partnering with our clients to provide strategic preventive counseling, training (in English, Spanish and Creole), audits and legal representation is the best antidote to complex and challenging workplace problems.

We also believe that if our clients become involved in a lawsuit, grievance, arbitration, claim of discrimination or wrongful discharge in any legal forum, they each deserve ethical and zealous representation. We are experienced trial attorneys, not just “litigators.” We are also labor attorneys with “in the trenches” experience in dealing with unions seeking to represent blue collar, white collar and professional employees.

Our commitment to our clients is simple:

  •  Provide practical, business-oriented counseling and candid legal advice
  • Partner with our clients to audit employment practices, comply with wage and hour laws, draft employment agreements, protect trade secrets, realign workforces, and comply with EEO and affirmative action requirements and plans
  • Provide zealous and effective representation in administrative and litigation matters, including at mediation and in trial
  • Educate and train managers and employees about the “do’s and don’ts” in a rapidly changing work environment
  • Be responsive to our clients’ needs 24/7