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Florida’s minimum wage is currently $11 per hour. This is just a friendly reminder that on September 30, 2023, Florida’s minimum wage increases to $12 per hour. The new overtime wage rate will increase in tandem to $18 per hour.

For Florida restaurants and hotels taking a tip credit against minimum wage for tipped employees, the tip credit rate will increase to $8.98 per hour (with a $3.02 per hour maximum tip credit). The tip credit overtime rate will also increase to $14.98 per hour.

Please ensure that you have the proper posters up announcing the new minimum wage. New posters are not yet available. However, the current posters include information on the coming increase beginning September 30, 2023. When updated posters are available we will include a link to them in an additional blog post. Click on the links below to view the current posters:

For employers taking a tip credit, please advise your affected employees, preferably in writing, of the new $12 minimum wage rate and the tip credit amount that will be taken against that minimum wage.